Meta consolidates options to manage your Meta data

Meta is rolling out new options to better manage your data related to its own platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

The company now has a single place in the Accounts Center for you to request a download of your information on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. Users can also choose to download a copy of their information from one of the social networks.

Meta is consolidating menu for users to download their information on Facebook and Instagram

Image Credits: Meta

The company already offered users control over off-site activities on Facebook. That means users could change the way other apps sent data back to Facebook about them. Now, the social network is a combination of off-Meta information for both Facebook and Instagram. This hub will let you disconnect your account from services where you have used Facebook or Instagram login as well. You can also see what sites are collecting your Instagram information.

A new menu to control Off Meta activities

Image Credits: Meta

Additionally, Meta is expanding the ‘Transfer Your Information’ option to Instagram. That means you can easily export your Instagram photos and videos and import them into another service.

Meta Accounts Center home

Image Credits: Meta

Meta said that users will be able to find all these options in the Accounts Center. Earlier this year, the company rolled out a revamped Accounts Center by placing settings for personal details, passwords, security options, and ad preferences in one location.

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