Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana Announces Mind, Body, + Sol Retreat

Nestled along the serene sands of Uvero Alto in the Dominican Republic, Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana is a destination that’s decidedly all about wellness. Upon arrival, guests are treated to a blissful welcome massage in the tranquil open-air lobby, setting the tone for an indulgent escape. Each of the 96 luxurious suites boasts either a tranquil garden vista or a mesmerizing view of the ocean, ensuring a rejuvenating stay from the moment you arrive.

It just makes sense that Zoëtry Agua Punta Cana is launching a “three-night, four-day journey filled with movement, balance, and nutrition-focused bespoke experiences.” Led by esteemed practitioners Carrie Bailey and Andrew Francis, renowned for their expertise in sound healing, alongside Margaret Townsend, a distinguished breathwork facilitator and psychotherapist, and holistic coach Koya Webb, the Mind, Body, + Sol Retreat promises an enriching, transformative experience for those seeking to prioritize self-care.

Secure your spot from March 7 to 10 for the exclusive Mind, Body, + Sol Retreat where attendees will be immersed in intimate classes and workshops led by top-tier experts, featuring yoga, meditation, sound baths, and more. 

“The retreat focused on wellbeing will present profound opportunities for relaxation, reflection and growth,” says Webb. “Together with like-minded individuals prioritizing their total wellbeing, we’ll be setting intentions and manifesting dreams that will extend beyond the yoga mat and transcend the challenges we face in our everyday lives.” 

We sat down with Webb for a look back at her journey into wellness, asked for some tangible tips for holistic well-being, and what participants can expect at the transformative retreat. 

How did your career in wellness begin?

“It began with a track injury actually. I was running track and field and I got a stress fracture in my lower back and had to end my season. I was depressed and devastated. One of the counselors told me to try yoga. I’m a southern girl, a Southern Baptist girl. So I was like, ‘Is this another religion?’ And they said it was just stretching. Of course, we know it’s more than that. But that helped me get into the class. 

At first it was very painful. I didn’t fit in, I wasn’t flexible at all. But I just kept going. The teacher told me to just breathe, to just focus on the breath. And I focused on not being perfect, but just getting through each class. After a year, I healed my body. I went back to track to win the conference meet and I was ranked 13th in the nation. Yoga really became my best friend and helped me heal. But I eventually forgot about it. I moved to California to train for the Olympics and got injured again. I pulled my hamstring, and I went back to yoga to heal. But this time, I was like, ‘What is so magical about yoga?’ So I ended up getting my yoga teacher certification and I’ve been teaching yoga ever since.”

What are a few practices you recommend to those just starting out in their wellness routine?

“Breathwork, meditation, yoga, cold showers, and Epsom salt baths. These are all super inexpensive. Meditation, breathwork and yoga are really important—the physical movement, the body, the breath, and the stillness are all really important. And then the cold shower is going to regulate your nervous system (everyone can take a cold shower, right?) and an Epsom salt bath is going to pull the negative ions out of the body, help you detox and help you relax because of the magnesium in there.”

Do you have any advice for handling anxiety?

“100 percent breathwork and meditation. Breathing is something everyone can do. A lot of people don’t have time for the yoga mat, or they’re worried about all these things, but everyone can breathe—you can breathe at your desk. So really learning how to channel the breath to regulate the nervous system and to combat anxiety is what I want to teach every single person. It can take as little as five to 10 minutes.”

Tell me more about the Mind, Body, + Sol Retreat. What can attendees come expecting?

“People can expect transformation. It’s all about teaching people spiritual fitness through the chakra system. Teaching them so they can learn about their body and how they can have spiritual fitness, mental fitness and physical fitness all together. 

Attendees can expect to have fun, they expect to dance and just really have a good time. The juices at the resort are really great. The water is very therapeutic and the people are incredible. The service is impeccable. But from my classes, they can expect a full transformation because we’re going to be going deep mentally, spiritually and physically.”

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