These Serum Ampoules Are Like A Mini, Pocket-Sized Facials

As a beauty editor, I feel like I’m always learning something new when it comes to innovations in product, especially in the skin-care industry. For instance, did you know there’s a difference between a gel, a cream and a moisturizer, and there are even such things as gel-cream and serum-in-oil products all made to tackle different issues? It’s truly fascinating. But, just when I thought I’d learned about all the possible ways to feed your skin the benefits of serums, I learned about BABOR’s Serum Ampoules, and let’s just say both my skin and I have been transformed.

What they are:

They say that good things come in small packages, and that sentiment rings especially true when it comes to BABOR’s Power Serum Ampoule: Hyaluronic Acid ($60) and Ceramide Ampoules ($60). Encapsulated in what looks almost like little test tubes, BABOR’s ampoules come in sets of seven and pack the benefits of skin-care superheroes like hyaluronic acid and ceramides into small, concentrated bottles that deliver serious benefits in just seven days.

How they work:

If you suffer from dry skin or are looking to improve radiance, hydration and luminosity, look no further than BABOR’s Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules. The innovative composition of eight different hyaluronic acid variants in cohesion with additional tripeptides helps to ensure maximum hydration and plumping after just one application. Over time, the tripeptides also stimulate the skin’s natural acid synthesis for both immediate and long-term hydration.

If you have stressed, dry skin that struggles with sensitivity, redness and lack of hydration, BABOR’s Power Serum Ampoules: Ceramide are perfect for you. Repairing a compromised skin barrier is no easy feat, but the combination of powerful, active ingredient ceramides and 2% niacinamide help to build a healthy skin barrier and leave skin calmer and more radiant.

Before and after images via BABOR

How to use them:

Whether you’re looking for hydration with the HA ampoules or restoration with the ceramide ampoules, application is easy. After cleansing the skin, simply shake the ampoule, wrap the neck of the capsule with a towel and snap it open, then empty the contents of the ampoule onto the palms of your hands and massage into the skin. Follow application with moisturizer, and enjoy the instant and long-lasting benefits of these pocket-sized skin rejuvenators.

Price/where to buy:

$60 for one pack of 7 ampoules,

Act fast, though—for this week’s Free Gift Friday, you can score either BABOR’s hyaluronic acid or ceramide ampoules and try them out yourself for only the cost of shipping and handling!

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