The Scents Our Editors Wore on Their Wedding

Byredo Mixed Emotions ($225)

Not everyone wants their wedding day to be full of the the expected. If you’re willing to go outside the box for your big day, features editor Tatiana Bido might just have the perfect pick for you.

“It’s probably not a scent one would think of for their wedding day, however Byredo Mixed Emotions, with its blend of fruity, green, woody, and musky notes, would be my top pick,” Bido explains.

Mixed Emotions, a woodsy scent that plays with sharp sweetness and comforting notes, makes a complex, thoughtful statement for a bride—one that acknowledges that push and pull of love and embraces the best of both masculine musks and feminine florals.

“It evokes a woodsy, minty forest vibe, and with hints of violet and tea there’s an added fruity softness and sweetness,” Bido says. “It leaves such an intoxicating subtle musk that I’ve even had people stop me on the street to ask what I’m wearing. My boyfriend always says it smells like me so it’s a top contender should that day come in our love story.”

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