The First Makeup Trend of 2024 Is Here

We are just a few weeks into 2024 and the newest aesthetic trend has already made the jump from social media into our collective zeitgeist. The Mob Wife Aesthetic, or Mob Wife Makeup, has come busting in to trample all over the “clean girl aesthetic” and “quiet luxury” trends of last year. While the look has seemingly come out of nowhere, celebrity makeup artist Tim Quinn says we can probably trace its roots back to Carmela. “It’s the 25thanniversary of The Sopranos,” he notes, reminding us of the important pop-culture milestone. 

More Than Just Makeup

It’s logical that trends from 25 years ago might make a comeback and the “Mob Wife” aesthetic, reminiscent of the style seen in popular shows like The Sopranos or movies like Casino. This trend is a display of unabashed luxury, featuring over-the-top “new money” elements such as fur coats, animal prints, bold eyeliner and the confident attitude of being “Married to the Mob.”

Quinn says the trend draws inspiration from strong, powerful women rising to the forefront. To achieve this look, he suggests diving into your mother’s closet for remarkable statement pieces—big jewelry, furs and extravagant fashion choices.

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter says the Mob Wife makeup trend isn’t just about cosmetics; it’s a celebration of boldness and confidence. “It definitely started in Queens, New York,” she says. For Linter, it’s more about the styling and some key elements. For fashion, she says the more the merrier. “Big hair, short skirts, fur, high heel boots, rocks, large rings, large pieces of jewelry—costume jewelry is OK.”

How to Nail It

Quinn says his advice echoes the motto of his friend and client, Mob Wives’ Big Ang: “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.” To embrace this aesthetic, he encourages going all out—layering on the makeup, starting with flawless skin that radiates a glow and a lot of sculpted bronzer.

Tim Quinn’s Mob Wife Starter Pack

“Think lashes for days, both on top and bottom. If you can’t make it to the lash bar, Lashify has been dominating the lash game with killer tutorials. Picture arched power brows and use a harmonious color palette for cheeks, lips and eyes. Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Uptown Girl palette ($55) does this beautifully. Don’t forget to grab yourself a jet-black eyeliner; the Valentino Twin Liner ($40) is downright lethal! As for the hair—go big, and when it comes to nails, think talons. It’s not just a look; it’s a total vibe.”

Sandy Linter’s Mob Wife Starter Pack

Hairspray, a good relationship with your hairdresser and black eyeliner. You don’t need any special technique, just wear all these together, at the same time.”

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