SZA Removes Breast Implants Due to Fibrosis and Family Cancer Risk

In a recent SHEMD podcast episode, SZA discussed her choice to remove her breast implants. The 34-year-old singer revealed her mother’s breast cancer diagnosis and her aunt’s mastectomy, which motivated her decision. She shared that they just didn’t feel good and cites scar-tissue concerns as a factor.

SZA says her decision was also motivated by fibrosis, a condition characterized by the thickening of connective tissue. According to the singer, she “didn’t feel good, and it was painful.” She went on to say, “I got way too much scar tissue because my breasts are too dense and I’m not supposed to have breast implants. And I ended up getting extra fibrosis.”

What is fibrosis?

Fibrosis refers to the development of fibrous tissue in the body, which can feel firm or rubbery. In the context of breast health, fibrosis is often associated with non-cancerous changes in breast tissue, such as cysts. In general, fibrocystic changes like fibrosis and cysts are common in women and are typically benign, not increasing the risk of developing breast cancer according to the American Cancer Society.

When discussing breast cancer and implants, fibrosis poses a concern for its impact on the body’s response. Capsular contracture, an excessive fibrotic reaction to implants, can result in complications such as scar tissue formation.

For SZA, the implants “ended up causing me pain,” she said. “When I got my boobs done, my doctor took out some of my fibrosis, but..there was so much fibrosis, it was crazy,” she said. “And he took it out. And so, when I went back, a lot of the concerns were gone.”

However, after having them removed she says she feels much better. “I had them removed, and now, they’re just my natural breasts.”

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