Sofia Richie Grainge Says This At-Home Laser “Transformed” Her Skin

We know Sofia Richie Grainge for a lot of things—her iconic, old glamour-inspired wedding, her infamous slicked-back buns and, most recently, as a mama-to-be. Richie Grainge announced her first pregnancy with husband Elliot Grainge this past January, and has since been breaking the internet Rihanna style with out-of-this world maternity looks and the perfect fill of pregnancy content.

While we know and love Sofia as one of our favorite beauty influencers, she revealed in an interview with Vogue this week and via a tell-all pregnancy essentials TikTok, that the journey hasn’t been entirely glamorous. As she revealed to Vogue, Richie Grainge has been struggling with acne every since becoming pregnant, but has since discovered an at-home laser and skin-care product combination that has banished her pregnancy pimples.

Richie Grainge’s Can’t-Live-Without Laser and SkinCeuticals Cleanser

Last night, the social media star took to TikTok to share an array of her pregnancy essentials, from sleep supplements to oil-blotting papers and more, but the real star of the video was the product she saved for last because she “can’t say enough good things about it.” Holding up the handheld, breakout-banishing and tone-evening LYMA Laser ($2,695), Sofia told her TikTok followers that she uses the treatment “every night before bed when I’m watching a movie,” explaining that the product has “truly changed” her skin. “I should do a video on just this,” she says. “Within a week this transformed my skin.” (Read more on the laser here.)

BUY NOW – $2,695

Continuing on her journey of skin-influencing while pregnant, Richie Grainge also discussed her new global partnership with beloved skin-care brand SkinCeuticals, and revealed that she’s struggled with acne since becoming pregnant. “I haven’t experienced hormonal acne since high school,” she said to the outlet on experiencing breakouts after conceiving, “It’s probably the number one thing that has really drastically changed in my life—having to deal with bumps and oil production.” As a result, Sofia says she had to go “back to the drawing board,” when it came to her skin-care routine. “My skin’s become super oily, yet flaky at the same time, so I’ve really had to figure out a balance that worked for my skin,” she explains.

So, what was products helped her create that skin-soothing balance? None other than SkinCeuticals, of course. “My dermatologist [gave me] the Simply Clean Cleanser ($39) by SkinCeuticals,” she says. “I wash my face now three times a day. I used to do just morning and nights.”

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