r.e.m. Foundation Changed My Outlook On Face Makeup

Through 18 years of dance training into my current life as a full-time beauty editor, it’s safe to say I’ve spent my fair share of hours playing with makeup. Even when I needed to prep my face for shows under stage lights, one makeup product I’ve never been a fan of was foundation. Whether it was too cakey, too flakey or just downright uncomfortable, I never seemed to be able to find a full-coverage face-makeup product that I liked on my skin.

But after attending the r.e.m. Sweetener Shop in New York to celebrate the launch of the brand’s new sweetener foundation ($35), it’s safe to say that my makeup life was changed. After getting shade matched at the adorable ice cream bar turned makeup counter, I was immediately impressed by how natural the product looked on my skin. Still skeptical after years of being self-proclaimed anti-foundation, though, I was curious to see if I’d be equally as impressed after applying the foundation on my full face. But now, after a number of weeks of using the foundation consistently, I can safely say that the r.e.m. sweetener foundation has made me a foundation girl.

What It Is:

Clinically proven to be long-wearing while delivering a natural, matte finish, r.e.m.’s sweetener foundation not only provides seamless, long-lasting coverage, it also delivers continuous hydration to the skin.“Formulated with our r.e.m. hydrasmooth essence, a clinically proven blend of raspberry leaf extract and hyaluronic acid spheres, sweetener foundation delivers supercharged hydration instantly and up to 4 weeks,” the brand explains. Available in 60 shades, the brand’s foundation comes in shades guaranteed to suit any combination of tones and undertones.

If you’re not convinced yet, the numbers will undoubtedly get you on board. In an independent clinical study, a whopping 100-percent of participants noticed improved hydration after 24 hours after 4 weeks of daily use, and said that the product made skin look and feel moisturized, nourished and supple while remaining comfortable throughout wear. You can add me to the list of approvals. Not only does the sweetener foundation actually sit well on my face, I notice my skin feeling soft and moisturized at the end of the day as opposed to clogged and irritated.

Left: Before; Right: After

How to use it:

r.e.m.’s sweetener foundation is buildable, meaning you can add as much or as little product as you want to create you’re desired level of coverage—one of the main reasons I love this product so much. Using your fingers or a makeup brush, apply the product to the whole face and blend, adding more product for fuller coverage.

I have a good amount of hyperpigmentation and scarring on my cheeks from previous bouts of cystic acne, so I tend to lean towards products that can cover those discolored areas without making me look too “made up” or cakey. I’ve found that I can apply the sweetener foundation on my problem areas for light coverage without having to apply to my whole face, since the product is light enough to use almost as a spot corrector. But, when I am looking for a more full-coverage moment, I can count on this foundation to soak into my skin without pilling or flaking, giving me an air-brushed glow no matter where the night takes me.

The bottom line:

If you’re anything like me and have not had the best luck with face makeup in the past for an array of reasons, I can’t recommend giving Ms. Grande’s new foundation launch a try–between the incredible shade range and super hydrating formula, you won’t be disappointed.

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