Post Malone Shares His Weight Loss Journey with Howard Stern

Austin Post, better known as Post Malone, popped into Sirius XM studios to talk about his life, music and recent weight loss transformation on The Howard Stern Show. The rapper has lost nearly 60 pounds and has been open about his diet and exercise routine. During the interview, Howard Stern asked Post Malone if he was taking Ozempic, a medication used to treat type 2 diabetes and aid in weight loss. Post Malone replied, “No, sir. I’m not on Ozempic.”

His “Secret Weapon”

The chart-topping musician said he did it “the old-fashioned way” after Howard Stern complimented him on his weight loss and asked about the secret behind his transformation. “The first step was, I remember I went on tour, and I was like, you know what, I’m going to eat. I’m getting grilled chicken. I’m going to eat carrots. And I’m going to have a little bit of white rice every night with buffalo sauce or hot sauce. Hot sauce has no calories in it, and I was blown away. Something good that doesn’t have calories!”

Post says he stopped eating a lot of fried foods that he used to indulge in after shows. “I lost 20 pounds doing that, and I was like let’s keep going. Let’s keep building,” he concluded. “And we just kept f–king rocking and rolling,” he says. 

The decision to make healthier food choices while on tour was challenging. “I remember on tour, I stopped eating a lot of fried stuff, a lot of pizza, all that stuff, because usually at the end of the day after a show, you’re done, you finish up around two o’clock, you don’t really know what city you’re in, you don’t really know where you are,” he said. “You’re just in the bus, so it’s like, what’s really open? And it’s always like, you know, greasy stuff.”

The “Circles” singer’s journey has been well-documented in recent months. He has lost nearly 60 pounds, noting that his current weight is around 185 pounds. He has also credits his weight loss to his exercise routine, which includes running and weightlifting.

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