OSEA Collagen Dream Night Cream: Tested and Reviewed

Two things that don’t mix well: stress and skin. Stress can present as fine lines, dullness, dark circles, redness, sagging and/or rough texture on the skin. And while stress is inevitable in life, activities such as yoga, meditation, exercise, reading and being outdoors all help. But wouldn’t it be great if we could wake up in the morning with the stresses of the day before erased off our faces? Say hello to OSEA‘s new Collagen Dream Night Cream ($68).

This overnight cream is the first moisturizer clinically proven to reduce the effects of stress on skin while you sleep. The ultra-hydrating, plumping formula has algae-derived bio retinol, a safe, stable retinol alternative that improves lines and wrinkles. Also included is amino acid-rich vegan collagen, superplant King of Bitters, pink rock-rose extract, organic wild lavender and five vital hydrators. Together these ingredients reverse signs of skin fatigue,improve dullness and dehydration, calm irritation,and deeply moisturize. See firmer skin in just two weeks, and dark circles visibly reduced by 80% in four weeks, per the brand.

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OSEA Collagen Dream Night Cream: Editor Review

“Because of my sensitive, combination skin, I’m not much of a night-cream girl. I’ll layer on serums and gel creams, but rich creams—especially those spiked with retinol or wrinkle-busting actives—seem to sensitize my skin more than they help it. However, when I heard OSEA was launching a nighttime retinol-alternative formula, I was excited and eager to give it a try.

A long-time fan of the brand, I went in with high hopes. The glass jar is as heavy and luxurious as you’d come to expect from OSEA, and the lavender-hued cream is thicker than most night creams right out of the tub. When rubbed between my hands for a few seconds, it emulsified into a thinner cream I was ready to apply. Aside from the sensorial experience—the cream has a light lavender scent to it that instantly calmed me down and got me into the right headspace before bed—the formula sunk right in and left behind a beautiful dewy glow. I didn’t notice any stickiness or tingling. Come morning, I saw noticeably smoother and softer skin with zero irritation or redness in sight—a surprise for a wrinkle-fighting formula.

If you’re in the market for a luxurious night cream that won’t break the bank, aims to iron out fine lines over time with a natural retinol alternative, and calm you down before bed, look no further—OSEA has done it again.” —Danielle Fontana Dooley, associate director, digital content

Shopper Reviews

While the Collagen Dream Night Cream is still fairly new, five-star reviews are pouring in. “After each use, my face is plump and bouncy,” wrote one reviewer, adding “Unlike traditional retinols, this moisturizer doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin.” Another shopper noted, “The cream itself is thick and rich” but they love that it “almost instantly melts [into skin] like butter.” After two weeks a user in their 40s said, “I notice an improved firmness and tone.” A shopper in their 50s said the “velvety cream…helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.” A separate reviewer agreed: “The areas where I have fine lines are so hydrated that the lines don’t look as noticeable.”

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