Makeup Over 50: The Ultimate Expert’s Guide

“The good thing about makeup is that there are no rules for any woman of any age,” says celebrity makeup artist and aesthetician D’Andre Michael. His advice is to embrace aging “and just focus on enhancing your features and beauty.” While there are no rules set in stone and makeup is, at its best, a vehicle for self-expression, the way your makeup goes on and appears at age 50 is different than at age 20—it’s a simple fact of life.

Celebrity makeup artist Sandy Linter says aging women have concerns about their skin, not that this is anything shocking. “They can see people looking at them and noticing all the problems—the wrinkles, the bags, the sags.” However, the makeup artist wants to remind people that 50 is not old, “as a woman over 70, I can tell you from my heart,” she says. While 50 is still a young, vivacious age, your skin is different, and the way makeup sits has shifted. To help you adjust your routine, experts share their best tips on how to approach makeup once you’re over 50.