Is Your Messy Sleep Schedule Causing Your Problem Skin?

When we start noticing problems with our skin, whether it be breakouts, uneven texture, redness or hyperpigmentation, there are a few things our minds tend to gravitate towards as the likely causes: diet, new skin-care products, stress, hormones, even makeup. But, have you ever considered that your messy sleep schedule could be behind your skin struggles?

We all know that a good night’s sleep is beneficial in many ways, whether it’s for creating a clearer mind, giving us more energy, helping our digestive system, preventing premature signs of aging or so much more. Have you ever considered, though, that your sleep schedule could be seriously impacting your skin health? Believe it or not, your skin has it’s own circadian rhythm, and Beverly Hills, CA dermatologist Ava Shamban, MD‘s extensive research on the skin’s circadian rhythm’s role in skin health lead to the birth of her debut skin-care line, Althaea Skin. If you know your overall circadian rhythm could be more regulated and you’re struggling with skin issues, you’re going to want to check this out.

Featured Expert:

  • Ava Shamban, MD is a board-certified dermatologist in Beverly Hills, CA

Althaea Skin: The Circadian Rhythm–Based Skin-Care Line

With the amount of skin-care brands on the market today, it seems like there is a line for literally everything, but Dr. Shamban’s brain-child Alathea Skin is a revolutionary, innovative approach to skin care, as it focusses on “the health consequences of disrupting the circadian rhythm,” Dr. Shamban explained at a launch event for the line. While we usually associate the circadian rhythm and its disruptions with negative effects on our energy levels and overall wellbeing, Dr. Shamban explains that “the circadian system is composed of peripheral circadian oscillators in many other cells, including the skin,” so disruptions to one’s circadian rhythm are often, in fact, directly related to one’s skin issues and concerns.

“We all know that the circadian rhythm runs on a 24-hour cycle, and I believe that the skin really sets that cycle for a lot of our other organs,” Dr. Shamban continues, “because the T cells migrate in and out of the skin, communicating with the rest of your immune system as they move.” Dr. Shamban clarifies, though, that the science surrounding skin’s circadian rhythm and skin health has been around for some time now, but the recent discovery of clock genes has completely shifted our understanding of the impact of the skin’s circadian rhythm on skin health.

In 2017, the study of clock genes was awarded a Nobel Prize, and as Dr. Shamban explains, the discoveries revealed that clock genes encode a protein that accumulates during the night and degrades during the day. The research also identified additional protein components within the genes, thus “exposing the mechanism governing the self-sustaining clockwork inside the cell.” Believe it or not, these clock genes control around 50 percent of our genome, so understanding and catering to the cellular makeup of these skin circadian rhythm genes can reap major benefits on the skin.

Althaea Skin: What the Line Features

Based on the notion that “timing is everything,” Dr. Shamban’s Althaea skin features four “proprietary and clinically-proven technologies” aimed at “restoring the skin to its healthiest and most beautiful.”

By using skin circadian rhythm-syncing technologies—Solar Synq Technology and Lunar Synq Technology—Althaea’s products help regulate your skin’s circadian rhythm to reverse signs of aging, brighten the complexion and improve your overall glow. Created to give your skin exactly what it needs at the different parts of the day to optimize your skin’s circadian rhythm, Althaea’s launch features a Day Serum ($180), Night Serum ($180), Awake Eye Gel ($105), Activation Mask ($50) and innovative C.A.R.A Multi-Modal Tool ($350).

While we could talk about the powerhouse ingredients and benefits of these inaugural SKUs for hours, here are some of the highlights. The Day Serum uses meadowfoam seed oil, hyaluronic acid, two forms of vitamin C and E, and the brand’s proprietary Solar Synq Technology to nourish and reduce visible signs of fatigue while the Night Serum uses Lunar Synq Technology, meadowfoam seed oil and squalane for an anti-aging, overnight treatment. The Awake Eye Gel is a multitasking, 3-in-1 eye treatment that helps activate the cellular functions that protect the delicate eye area against stressors.

Used in tandem, the Activator Mask and C.A.R.A Multi-Modal Tool are inspired by Dr. Shamban’s in-office treatments, and each letter in the name stands for a different skin-care benefit. “C” for clarifying, “A” for activating and supercharging ingredient efficacy, “R” for restoring plumpness and glow, and “A” again for amplifying rejuvenation. Created for use at night in order to enhance the biological functions that are best performed in the evening, using the Night Serum and Activator Mask followed by a 10-minute C.A.R.A treatment will harness the power of several energy and light treatments into one, does-it-all tool.

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