I Tried the TikTok-Famous Jones Road What the Foundation

Back in May, Jones Road What the Foundation just about broke TikTok after makeup artist Meredith Duxbury slathered on way too much product and gave the foundation a bad review. This then led to brand founder Bobbi Brown clapping back by posting her own video, poking fun at Duxbury’s “application technique.” Regardless of that drama and some confusion about how to use it, the foundation, which the brand aptly calls a “tinted moisture balm,” has received thousands of positive reviews. I’ve been testing it every day for the past week, and these are my honest thoughts.

My Skin Type:

Combination. I’m drier in the cold-weather months and oilier in the warm-weather ones thanks to the high humidity on the East Coast. My skin tone is light and I typically wear a light-medium shade of foundation.