Emrata’s Go-To Nude Lip Combo Is $67—and Worth Every Cent

Emily Ratajkowski consistently commands attention as a bonafide style star and makeup maven—and we’re always curious about what she’s loving. In a recent story for Elle, the 32-year-old model divulged the up-to-date details about her current favorite lip combo—along with some insight into how her beauty routine has evolved since becoming a mom.

For starters, the Hourglass ambassador is leaning into “neutrals and browns,” for her lips these days. “I’m very into terracotta,” she told the outlet. “I don’t let my face get in the sun, but my skin is naturally olive, so if I don’t warm my face up with makeup, I look bad. I look pale and jaundice.”

That’s precisely why the Gone Girl actress relies on two hourglass favorites: the Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liner in Undercover 4 and Unlocked Soft Matte Lipstick in Sparrow 350. “The textures on these [lipsticks] are insane,” she told Elle. They’re so velvety and nice.”

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Hourglass Shape & Sculpt Lip Liner in Undercover 4



Hourglass Unlocked Soft Matte Lipstick in Sparrow 350



For special occasions, Ratajkowski occasionally swipes on a red lip, namely the brand’s Hourglass Satin Crème Red 0 Lipstick. However, she implies that it’s a less-common choice of hers because of how much commitment’s involved, noting, “you’ve got to make sure that it’s not on your teeth.”

Despite the challenges of wearing a red lip, the author of My Body has some sweet anecdotes associated with the application process. One stands out: Her son once tried on her red lipstick one morning while she was getting ready.

Though she’s created some heartwarming memories with her son during her morning makeup routine, she acknowledges that her beauty regimen has become more “condensed” since becoming a mom. “I get ready quicker than I did before I became a mom,” she reflected. “I think it’s important for your child to see you living your life and then being a part of it.”

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This certainly isn’t the first time the model has given fans insight into her favorite makeup products and go-to hacks. In a video for Vogue last year, she shared her 30-second blush hack to “look more alive,” explaining that the technique happens to be an “over 30-year-old beauty hack.”

The key is to apply a little blush on your nose, which the model says is “a ’90s trick to really make it look like you got sun.”

“I also put my blush a little higher than most people because, again, I think it looks a little bit more natural,” she continued. “So, I almost bring it up to like the under eye.” She finishes the 30-second blush ritual by blending it in. “You can already see how much more alive I look.”

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