CeraVe and The DAISY Foundation Want to Hear About The Special Nurse in Your Life –

May 6 kicks off National Nurses Week, during which the community’s selfless caretakers get a well-deserved celebration. As a brand rooted in the medical community, CeraVe has stayed committed to supporting the field of nursing. To honor its commitment, CeraVe kicked off its partnership with The DAISY Foundation to help amplify the important work nurses do for the community. 

What is The DAISY Foundation?

DAISY stands for Diseases Attacking the Immune System and was created in memory of Patrick Barnes who passed of Immune Thrombocytopenia in 1999. His family was so impacted by the compassion and dedication that the nurses showed during their eight weeks in the hospital with Patrick, that they developed DAISY as a not-for-profit organization and the corresponding DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. 

What does The DAISY Foundation do?

The DAISY Foundation was created to honor extraordinarily compassionate nurses. People can nominate a nurse who has been impactful for a DAISY Award to show them how much they mean to their community. The foundation also offers grants to nurses for research, medical missions and projects. Over 220,000 nurses have been honored through The DAISY Foundation, and over 2.5 million nominations have been written by patients, families and colleagues. 

CeraVe x The DAISY Foundation

CeraVe is in year 2 of its partnership with The DAISY Foundation to help support its mission of expressing gratitude to nurses with programs that recognize their extraordinary acts. “We at CeraVe have the utmost appreciation for the tireless dedication and profound impact of nurses, and we remain committed to ensuring nurses receive not only gratitude but also support and resources as well,” said Jasteena Gill, Vice President of US Marketing at CeraVe. “Our partnership with The DAISY Foundation is an extension of our ongoing commitment to this mission, and over the next three years, we’ll help them encourage patients and colleagues to thank and celebrate the nurses in their lives.” 

Last year, CeraVe developed a digital short to highlight two nurses in New York and their impact on a family.  

If there’s a nurse who has gone above and beyond for you or a family member, nominate them here for a DAISY award, so they can get the recognition they deserve. 

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