Bethenny Frankel on Her Favorite Drugstore Finds

You can’t scroll through TikTok without seeing Bethenny Frankel on your For You Page. The former The Real Housewives of New York City star has quickly become a major beauty influencer. When she claims a product is “at the level,” you can trust that it’s been thoroughly vetted. Despite her access to high-end skin care with Birkin-bag price tags to match, Bethenny has a knack for finding budget-friendly options that deliver. As a busy mom to 13-year-old Bryn, an influencer in the making, and a successful entrepreneur, Bethenny has mastered the art of keeping her skin glowing without a complicated routine or breaking the bank. Here, she shares her top tips for radiant skin on a budget, her affordable favorites and the one product she shares with daughter Bryn.

What is your secret to glowing skin on a budget? 

“Good skin-care starts from within, so drink plenty of water and get adequate sleep. My top skin-care tip is to stay consistent and maintain a simple, yet effective regimen.”

What have you learned from becoming a beauty influencer and reviewing so many products? 

“I’ve found that some of the most effective skin-care products are from the drugstore. I enjoy visiting drugstores because you can discover affordable brands like No7, which deliver great results without breaking the bank.”

Tween skin care is becoming more popular. What do you think about the 10- and 12-year-olds in Sephora phenomenon? 

“I posted a TikTok about this recently—check it out.”

Which makeup, skin care and tools are must-haves while on the go? 

“I’m really into No7’s Future Renew line, especially the Day Cream with SPF ($30). It’s a multifunctional product that’s perfect for daily use and travel. The Future Renew Damage Reversal Serum ($28) and Night Cream ($28) are also noteworthy because they contain a world-first peptide technology that helps reverse visible signs of skin damage.”

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What is one simple thing people can do to enhance their look?

“Smiling and laughing make you look and feel young.”

What lessons have you learned over the years about taking care of your skin? 

“I always make sure my skin care regimen meets my current needs and I like to keep it simple. It’s crucial for me to have a routine that I can stick to, especially as a hands-on mom and entrepreneur. Wearing sunscreen daily and using a thick moisturizer at night are staples in my routine.”

What product do you share with your daughter the most? 

“I always tell my daughter that hydrated skin is key for a plump and youthful look. No7’s new HydraLuminous+ Serum ($25) has been a game-changer because it hydrates the skin for 96 hours.”

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