A Cup of Coffee for Your Skin

As a beauty editor, I have the privilege of trying a lot of new products, but it’s not everyday I find ones that make me truly say “wow.” While it’s true that nothing can replace a good night’s sleep, when I find myself running on very few “zzz’s,” this brightening eye cream keeps me looking refreshed and rested regardless of how many hours I got the night before.

What it is:

NEOSTRATA’s Brightening Eye Cream ($62) is a powerful, brightening cream that not only reduces the appearance of tired eyes, but also firms the under eye area for your smoothest, most radiant undereyes yet. Say goodbye to any and all of your eye-insecurities—crepeiness, dark circles, droopiness, dehydration, you name it—thanks to this all-in-one brightening eye cream.

How it works:

NEOSTRATA’s Brightening Eye Cream combines the power of multi-action antioxidants, peptides, algae extracts, and vitamins C and E with a 5 percent blend of gluconolactone and lactobionic acid to simultaneously combat undereye discoloration and target the skin’s natural hydrating matrix to help plump, cushion and hydrate the eye area.

With this multitasking product, the numbers speak for themselves: After 6 weeks of daily use, 91 percent of participants noticed reduced undereye puffiness, 91 percent noted improved eye texture, and 79 percent said the eye area appeared brighter and more luminous.

How to use it:

For the eyes of your dreams even when you’re not sleeping, apply one pump of Brightening Eye Cream to the undereye area twice daily, using the ring finger to gently pat the product underneath the eye and around the orbital bone.

Price/where to buy:

$62, What to get your hands on this eye-saving product for free? Secure this weeks Free Gift Friday before they’re gone!

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